Discount Womens fashion titin weighted compression shorts

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Discount Womens fashion titin weighted compression shorts
Discount Womens fashion titin weighted compression shorts

Product Description

In order to the beat the best, you need to train harder, faster and stronger, all this becomes possible in one fell swoop. Use and abuse this system daily and examine the impact it has on your progress from movement prep to functional fitness.

TITINS' proprietary design feature is its weighted element; constructed with a set of integrated hydro-gel inserts, location has been meticulously considered to situate them across your body's major muscle groups (enabling weight bearing to be dispersed evenly). This 4.5 pound system brings a whole new concept to challenging fitness levels like never before.

Compression Keeps The Weight In Place.

The TITIN Force Short enables you to progress your workout to the next level. Designed with A.M.Y polyester and Sorbtek technology, the two work harmoniously to prevent chafing/odour whilst keeping you dry. Focusing weight on your hamstrings, thighs and glutes, the weighted shorts adeptly work on your posture, explosiveness and strength.

High Tech. High Quality.

The system utilized by TITIN is specifically engineered for strenuous workouts. Featuring the aforementioned technology, anti-microbial elements prohibit the build up of odour-carrying bacteria, effectively halting them at source. Additionally, Sorbtek multiplies the performance piece's sweat wicking capabilities, generating an altogether drier more comfortable environment. Finished with double-reinforced stitching, lasting strength and a chafe-free interior boost the appeal of the garment.

Wear It Hot. Wear It Cold

The hydro-gel inserts utilized cleverly enable the wearer to customize the temperature. Whether frozen or heated, muscle therapy (for 30-45 minutes) is a reverberation of this intelligent feature. Hot or Cold, the indestructible gel inserts retain their pliability affording maximum comfort during your workout. Pre-workout, warming up your muscles with TITIN is the smart way to conserve energy and pre-load for training.

The Difference Between Being Good and Great.

Often minuscule in measurability, the TITIN Shorts take your workouts to the next level, adding a further degree of difficulty to your exercises without impeding your range of motion. If your looking to push your self to the edge, look no further.

Build explosive speed, strength and teeth-gritting endurance.

FeaturesHydro-gel Inserts - 8 lbs of gel pinpointed across your major muscles, adding extra weight for a workout like no other.
Sorbtek - Wicks moisture 4 times faster than traditional fabrics, subsequently blocking grass and sweat stains.
Anti-microbial Fabric - Prohibits the build up of odour carrying bacteria.
Double-reinforced Stitching - Coupled with smooth performance zippers ensure lasting strength.
Temperature Regulation - Choose your desirable temperatures for muscle stimulation whether that be hot or cold.

This is, by far, my favorite piece of training gear. I use and abuse this system daily, working through the full spectrum of capabilities (i.e. movement prep, functional fitness, interval training, and recovery.) I can't say enough about the impact on my progress; after 5 months of implementation, I'm significantly stronger, faster, and quicker to recover than ever before. I'm grateful, and looking forward to the lower body system as well. - Nate - US NAVY SEAL

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