Elegant Womens fashion higher state neck gaiter 2 pack

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Elegant Womens fashion higher state neck gaiter 2 pack
Elegant Womens fashion higher state neck gaiter 2 pack

Product Description

Higher State Neck Gaiter 2 Pack

Why Choose A Neck Gaiter?

It's a widely known concept that the primary sources of heat loss from the body are the head and hands, however what many don't realise is there is a tertiary factor contributing to significant heat loss, the neck. Donning a simple piece of kit such as the neck Gaiter assists with retaining the heat that would otherwise be lost without. Should the weather become adversely cold, the adaptable nature of the gaiters design allows for multiple styles and points of coverage; providing the freedom to find your perfect balance of temperature and comfort. During the warmer months, the gaiter is a perfect shader and sun blocker.

Adaptable Protection, Comfort and Style

Fresh from the higher state designers, backed by a heritage of knowledge on technical performance pieces, the Higher State Neck Gaiter is one of the most versatile little kit purchases you will ever make.

Keeping weight and bulk down is a key factor for any multi functional piece of kit and the Higher Sate Neck Gaiter stays true to this principal and comfortably sits as a featherweight. This pure, lightweight construction creates a piece that doesn't impede, irritate or chafe - Important considering its mainly worn around the neck/head. Internally the minimalistic seams are virtually invisible, leaving nothing to irritate or chafe the skin, imbuing the Higher State Neck gaiter with seamless, soft comfort, no matter what style you wear.

One Unified Design, A Number of Functional, Practical Styles and Uses

The Higher State Neck Gaiter does not simply serve one purpose like so many other products out there, it can, and it can very well. But its true advantage is its adaptability. Going for a run? its a simple scarf, wind biting your face? its a facemask, Hiking? Its a sun protector, headband, hat liner. The Higher State Neck Gaiter is a multifunctional piece of kit that excels in its practical applications. Of which there are many:

Balaclava, Face Mask, Sahariane, Foulard, Hood, Hat Liner, Bandanna, Cap, Headband, Neckerchief, Sun Guard, Hair Tie.
Technical Performance and Functional Comfort

Through intelligent design and practical feedback, the Higher State Neck Gaiter is both breathable and sweat wicking. So regardless of how you wear it, you wont feel overheated, or clammy. The garments breathability originates from its lightweight construction and fibre weave, which allows for excessive heat to escape and cooler air to circulate. The result a self regulating micro climate that always feels comfortable, should you want it warmer, double it up. Easy.

As with any Higher State product the neck gaiter utilises eco-friendly construction methods to deliver a technical performance piece that doesn't impact the earth. Finishing the piece the Gaiter features Higher State branding and a distinct dual colour design, synonymous with the evolution of higher state.


FeaturesLightweight and Low Bulk - Keeps undue weight and excessive bulk down, creating a featherweight embodiment that fits with ease and comfort.
Adaptable Fit and Form - The inherent stretch properties - attained through an interwoven elastane content - affords the Gaiter its adaptable and versatile design.
Style That Works With You - There are multiple uses, styles and kit combinations to be utilised from your neck gaiter
Breathable - Through a micro weave construction the garment allows excessive heat to escape, retaining a comfortable balance.
Sweat Wicking - Making the most of sweat wicking technology, should things heat up the garment draws perspiration and vapour away from the skin, through to the outer layer where is quickly evaporated.
Woven Seam Zero bulk, zero material waste, zero chafing, complete comfort.
2 Pack - Featuring a purple and a pink gaiter.
ECO-Friendly Construction - Advanced running technology that doesn't cost the earth.
Care Instructions - We insist you get this product dirty. All Higher State products are machine washable.

Born on the streets, trails and fells of Great Britain... We believe that technical, ergonomically designed, performance running kit doesn't have to cost the earth... We exist only to give you the tools to challenge yourself and find a higher state of mind... Now that's living.- The Higher State Team

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